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5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance When Visiting Canada

11 February, 2020

A journey to Canada can be the trip of a lifetime. 

Whether you are visiting friends and family, studying in one of our universities, living in one of our vibrant multicultural cities, or travelling across the country with nothing more than a backpack and a camera, our country has much to offer people from around the world. 

But of all the preparations you should make before coming here, one thing that visitors should never forget is to purchase Visitors to Canada Insurance. This is especially true if you plan on staying for a longer period of time. 

It is always a good idea to hope for the best but plan for the worst, so you should protect yourself and your bank account in case of an emergency. Read on below for five important reasons why getting travel insurance is a must. 

Travel Insurance Saves You Money

Healthcare is expensive, particularly if you’re not a Canadian resident and don’t have government health insurance. Imagine trying to pay for an unplanned medical cost that rises above $10,000 while you’re visiting – it could end your trip to Canada prematurely, or even ruin you financially. 

Getting visitors insurance is a good investment just in case of trouble, and will allow you to focus on spending that money you’ve saved for your trip to Canada where it can provide the most use to you, your friends and family. Getting travel insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind. 

You Might Need Medical Help in an Emergency

It may not be a comfortable subject to think about, but the possibility exists that you will get sick, get into an accident, or otherwise require medical attention while you’re in Canada. What if you crack a tooth at a restaurant? What if you break your arm falling on ice? What if you need pharmaceutical help, or would like to consult a physician about a lingering problem? 

And let’s not forget preventative care – going to see a doctor to eliminate a problem before it develops can be a very successful strategy in certain cases. For example, if your visit to Canada is during the winter, you might want to get a flu shot. 

This is only possible if you have medical coverage through Visitors to Canada Insurance. This insurance will provide you with emergency medical help if you need it, medical transportation (such as an ambulance ride), meals and accommodation during periods where you are receiving medical assistance, 24-hour assistance and other benefits. 

Getting insurance could literally save your life, so contact us if you have any questions

Insurance Gives You Regular Healthcare Coverage

Getting travel insurance is just reserved for medical emergencies. It can also provide you with regular healthcare coverage when you first arrive in Canada, no matter if you’re a new immigrant, a student about to start at one of our universities, or someone about to start a temporary job. 

In many cases, you may eventually be eligible to receive regular government healthcare, but getting insurance allows you to fill the gap between your arrival and when your official Canadian healthcare coverage comes into full effect.

It Will Help You Get a Super Visa

If you happen to be visiting Canada as a parent or grandparent and would like to apply for a Super Visa to extend your stay in Canada into months or years, having travel  insurance is actually a requirement. If you don’t have travel insurance, your Super Visa application will not be approved

Getting Visitors to Canada Insurance will not only save you money and offer you valuable protection against accidents and illness as described above, it will help you make it easier to extend stay in Canada so you can spend time with any family already living here. 

Travel Insurance Travels With You

Canada is a beautiful country with much to see and experience. But if you decide you want to take a trip south of the border into the United States, or fly to Mexico to enjoy the sun and sand during one of Canada’s cold winters, your visitor’s medical insurance travels with you, providing an added benefit. 

As long as you spend the majority of your time in Canada during your trip away from your home country, your insurance will not only cover you for any medical requirements, it will also help you gain entry to other countries by satisfying their visa requirements. Your coverage will still continue even if you fly home temporarily before returning to Canada later on. 

Insurance: Always a Good Idea

Traveling to Canada will be a memorable and pleasant experience, but to maximize your chances of a successful visit, it’s always best practice to plan ahead. Make sure that you get yourself Visitors to Canada Insurance for your next trip – you’ll be happy that you did! 

At Instainsure, we offer them the best rates by comparing policies from a number of leading insurance companies. Our goal is to save you time, money, and frustration by finding you the most cost-effective medical insurance available.

Get a quote today and start your journey, or contact us anytime

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5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance When Visiting Canada
A journey to Canada can be the trip of a lifetime.  Whether you are visiting friends and family, st

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I am always looking for a system in which I can issue my policy right away. When I saw this website, I found it so simple! With few clicks I can compare with all Canadian Amazing!

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I am always looking for a system in which I can issue my policy right away. When I saw this website, I found it so simple! With few clicks I can compare with all Canadian Amazing!

Aneela Canada

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